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Stress is always an integral part of life. But, it is not always bad . If a person is very conscious in keeping his house clean, any mishandling or carelessness of inmates creates stress. But that is okay because it brings in a good outcome and everyone realises keeping the house clean will avoid unnecessary emotions at home.

But, limiting oneself to just the space at home, not having the freedom to go to a particular spot or eat your favourite food or at least go for a walk in the street is not easy. And, this is not just with space but even with thoughts ,likings and confining to any specific feeling, emotion, material or any entity for that matter. It can be the work, time spent for a task, want for money, importance to a person and it can go on and on. Stress management is now the most sought topic. One simple stress management technique  that you can adopt is DIVERT YOURSELF.


There are a lot of activities suggested for stress management. Google returns a lot for these searches with topics like stress management and mental health, stress management and yoga , stress management and exercise. While I say not everything works for everyone. One has to understand what is causing the stress. Say sometimes not having a good health, an illness or a post operation effect or  post child birth there could be some changes physically causing stress. At the same time, there can be reasons like losing a person, a relationship or missing them temporarily could cause stress.

The most common stress is now ,not able to find some time to relax and pause work. Stress management lies in understanding what exactly is the need, is it about your body or your mind. If its body then chose stress management through  yoga or exercise .Else you can choose any particular favorite activity to pursue . Also,make it a part of the routine so that you definitely have something to wait for and enjoy each day.

Now,I chose to create my own Garden. Below,you can find my feelings and thoughts  penned down as letters.


Generally ,gardens need not necessarily mean a lawn or an open space in the backyard ,spacious enough allowing one to sit and relax. It can be a small cozy place in a balcony or a terrace with limited plants of one’s interest. Every gardener or a lover of plants wants to see them grow green while some want it bloom like heaven. That’s me,I am one such lover. What’s more healing and soothing than seeing all those green faces sweat in the early mornings!!!


My mornings and evenings always witness this green screen. I bet plants can be better pets too. What do you do to your pet? You feed them, play with them ,train them and cuddle them. I do the same here with my plants too. I use natural manure from my kitchen day in and day out. Secondly, I along with my son run around and in between like a hurdle race. Next, wondering how could one train a plant. Yes, that’s also possible. Try placing a small money plant near a Palm or a coconut tree, let them grow together, watch the outcome! The leaves of the money plant become really huge and start competing and co-living with its environment.

Heard about the word symbiosis , it exists even with plants and not just with microbes! Finally, if you want your plants to grow faster, bloom with fruits or flowers sooner try cuddling; rub them with your palm or your clothes or even with a feather fan. Rubbing, produces Ethylene that can stimulate faster growth in a plant’s  life cycle. Find the citations by clicking here!


So far, I have told you what the garden gives me and what I give to my plants. But, what do they give to others around us? My neighbor wakes up to this and shuts down his day with the very sight of my green patchy meadow. He calls us to inform that there is “Pink Rose” at 6.00 AM. And also , gets overwhelmed with every new flower or fruit and even owes it to his positive energy, sarcastically! Currently, he is on a mission to start his new vegetable garden from the very same nursery that I purchased them. It makes me glad that people are now inspired to cultivate their own food.

Following him, here comes the next neighbor who stays behind my flat: She visits our garden from her terrace every evening at 5.00 with her peers to show them and see what’s new today in our place and has already started off with her 5 new potted plants.

The most favourite of all is ,there are little visitors in yellow, black and multicolour ,fragile and flimsy flying from leaf to leaf and even from my son’s nose to his hand: Butterflies!  Along with them are these pigeons and sparrows  coming in like thieves ,starring and thinking if they can share the water with those plants. Finally, the crows ,they come in a swish like dare devils ,very close to my head and look at me like a boss. And, I am like you want water right, why thissss for water!!!! Occasionally ,there are parrots and cuckoos dropping in  with surprise gifts for us. They work as a part of the logistics team of mother nature giving us new plants and vegetables growing in the garden and of course they do it with their poop!


Firstly, if there is  too much time ,then this could become a commitment. Secondly,if there is too much on our plate, then this will gives us a break. Finally, if there was a loss in your life, this growth with flowers, fruits or veggies will bring life within you because it is a wait ,like pregnancy. You have to give time to let the baby grow ,mature and see the world!

My family feels glad about the effort we take to nurture the plants. We feel it as a commitment and keep ourselves occupied. The least we could do to the environment is heal it from our side with a few trees and plants. Even if we don’t have great relationships with our neighbours we are a reason for them to smile, relax and have a hobby. And, that’s the least we could give back to the society that is housing us!