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We are back to elaborate more on Gardening. Post knowing my garden, let us now look into what nurtures my garden to look so lushy and green. Yes, you guessed it right! We are now going to see how vegetable waste from kitchen turns into soil fertilizer.

Before going into the making, lets understand what are the use of fertilizers . Fertilizer uses doesn’t confine to just flower and fruit blossoms. It adds immunity to plant to fight against pests. It supplies vitamins and minerals to the soil which in turn builds the nutrient  store house of the plants. Thirdly, it helps in growth regulation. Growth in terms of starch preparing capacity, transpiration control, branched growth, root growth that facilitates better absorption and water retention. When all this is smooth and enough what’s next. Obviously , the most appealing and happening moment of blossoming.

And now, home made fertilizers can be made in many ways. That determines the various  fertilizer types. This article speaks about the easy peasy one.

How to make soil fertilizer  by just soaking vegetable wastes ?

All you need is to gather onion peels, garlic peels ,banana skin and left out lemon peels. These peels can be left to soak in water overnight. It  is best to use separate containers for each of them.  After leaving it for a minimum of 12 hours, remove the peels and feed the plants with the left over liquid. Use this nutrient liquid only after watering the plant. But make sure not to over do the watering since it might lead to draining out the nutrients of the soil.

What other liquids can be of use?

This might sound strange to guests outside the Indian sub continent .Even then ,it is a very common practice in Tamil Nadu to use the below methods. Just not Tamil Nadu but it is a one of the best fertilizers in the Indian continent. We generally use the rice , dhal varieties after cleansing them with water at least, thrice. This water usually accounts to at the least 5 liters a week which is one best soil fertilizer. Owing this to the world’s healthiest breakfast Idli and sambar. We are ain’t joking, Check out a few links: Link 1 , Link 2, Link 3. But why do we owe this to Idli and sambar? Idli is made with a definite ratio of Rice and Urad Dhal while sambar varieties are made from Toor dhal, Moong dhal or Channa Dhal.  With Idli and Dosa prepared from the same base batter, that is the easiest breakfast we end up making use of at the least of 1.5 kg to 3 kg per week.

So,this is easily available for Idli & Dosa lovers! Finally, there is no more inevitable need for a fertilizer shop. Stay tuned to know about the fertilizers classification and their preparation.

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