All start ups have a story to begin,a dream to achieve and a motive to pursue. We also have a dream ,that we yearn to give it a form. This dream is pending for a long time . It is not meant for us to become a renowned organization. But, to reach out to the needy group of the society. To know it better, play the below video!

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Here is our current video library of all the mini German learning nibbles we have.

Introducing oneself in German- Part 1

Introducing oneself in German – Part 2

Vocabulary of Introducing oneself in German

Converying one’s well being in German

EXERCISE TIME! – Converying one’s well being in German

Knowing the Basic Verbs

Conjugation of Verbs

Getting to know the names of Fruits

So,that is it for now. We are working to make more and more. Once we are done ,we shall bring them for your notice and reference.