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This article is written with school and college students in mind. At this phase of life, effective learning paves a way for a better future. Effective learning is not studying for marks ,it is about learning to retain, apply and innovate all your LESSONS. Here are five factors that play a vital role in making yourself submerge in your discipline of study ,interrogate yourself and probe into the topic.


This word is considered too small to be neglected. But its not! It has so many attributes with it.

The study room or space

Your study room has to be tidy or at least not too messy. This includes the floor space, your study table and whatever lies exactly in your focus when you begin studying. – What you see,you become! When you see a neat area your mind also feels neat and clean . As simple as, differentiating your mindset when you are on a highway and inside a lane: with  more space you feel free

Ambient Lighting

A bright room with wide open windows is best. More light inside the room, brighter the room and brighter you. And, that is the reason bedroom lights are dim, making you feel cozy and driving you to sleep.

Ambient Temperature

Let the temperature inside the room not be too cold to make you feel Ooty in your room nor like  Sahara, to sweat and feel irritated and loose energy.


Be sure to isolate yourself to give you a calm environment that puts you at a focus with just one job, studying. This even includes  the sound of a fan motor, a motor pump or even away from the kitchen. This is because our brain has multiple functions working simultaneously and will try to catch up with all available stimuli.

Rich result on google's SERP on searching for 'Effective Learning'


Whether you pick a tough or an easy , boring or interesting subject, believe you are going to learn something new and well.  Make a plan for the available time. Set target milestones for every hour available. Don’t aim to gulp or code the subject inside your system. Read through it, understand it , if there are hurdles, stop , pause and think of ways to get it clarified. These are effective learning methods. Once you are done, stack them or organize them slowly in your memory system.


The biggest noise creator next to mind is your stomach. It is like a baby, if it starts to cry ,that shrill sound can tear open anything around. Pacify him with either your favourite food that energises you or something that refreshes you. But, be sure not to overload it for, he will go on a shut down mode. Prefer snacks, smoothies, milkshakes or fruits and salads. Note, they are not high five goods!


When you start studying , you might need a marker to highlight, a pencil to mark or pen to note down. Most subjects demand their use. Keeping them somewhere, searching them when you are set to begin or calling out to parents/siblings to get it, might create unnecessary stress or demand a waiting time. Especially studying Mathematics ,Physics, Chemistry or Biology will definitely need them.


A Mobile is a significant utility of distraction! A beep of  message or a notification of apps or even the LED of the battery meter can pull you away . You might start from Chennai and land in Moscow! It is that capable of leading to a chain of mind travel. Keep away all distraction channels and sources including siblings, if they are too young  to understand.

Lastly ,there are students who don’t have anything of the above mentioned amenities to choose from. Still, they choose only one thing, to study well ! All they have with them is a dream to achieve and passion that drives them. You could choose that which is the MOST INFLUENCING FACTOR FOR EFFECTIVE LEARNING.

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