Educational start ups are budding in India. A lot of startup ideas are coming day in and day out .And educational startups are a very few among them. When education is becoming a fruitful field, we want to think in the other dimension. Our startup idea aims to impart education at the least or at an affordable price for the needy. This extends to even offer it free for genuine students who can’t afford it.

Education is now heading in a direction to score marks. This statement is country specific ,I would say. There are a lot of Educational technology companies blooming all of a sudden. And more often, the software companies also cutting the line by introducing platforms and Management Information systems.

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All of these advocate marks in terms of scoring at school, getting the desired cut-off in a competitive exam. And they limit themselves to that. Real education lies in developing it a skill that becomes a habit. A habit that teaches them , preaches others and guides the society. And its not only that, it is a practice that helps every individual grow by nurturing them. This is the nutrition any student needs. This makes him healthy enough to earn money and excel at every endeavor.

We believe in creating such a change in a person’s life. And would love to call it , a change for a better living. Saieduhouse works for the change that is meaningful rather than the change that is pocketful with us. Listen to our story here. Witness what people have to say about our work,here .