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Our founder,Preethi Kasi is an Academician who worked with a leading Edu-Tech Company. There,she worked as a part of the Sales Department then ,chose to work as a Faculty . Later, she rose to an Academic Manager taking care of one primary center. Finally, she also turned out to be a Content Developer. With all the learning from different departments, she chose to lay the foundation for Saieduhouse. But, with a change! She chose pencil over the price. She aimed at reaching out to the financially challenged part of the society. And now she is on it!

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One main attribute ,that brought us before the student community is she is a great learner. Yes, she scored 92 percentage in her Board Exams consistently. And that helped her secure a rank of 4595 among the 7Lakh people who appeared that Academic year. With, both medicine and Engineering open for her,she chose Engineering. She got admission in one premier Institution,College of Engineering ,Guindy, pride of the state. Following that, through CAT, she made it into National Institute of Technology, Trichy for her MBA. Again, the best of all the NITs.

Apart from her education,she also worked with IBM India Private Limited. She proved her learning and teaching ability in her very first project. Eventually, she was responsible for Knowledge Transfer for all new joiners. In addition, all the responsibilities were bestowed to her and all that led to getting her first onsite opportunity. But, she chose to do higher education as her dreamed destiny was Saieduhouse.

She always believes that learning comes in all forms .Keeping aside the academic learning, the society in the form of schools, neighborhood and other people also mold us . It is one’s ability and exposure that helps him absorb everything. For people who are not sound enough financially and are directionless ,this may not be available. From all of that, she wanted to give back to the society and that thought laid our foundation.

If we can bring a potential good change in one’s life or create a living for him or at least hold him and lead him to the path of sunshine then that is success for us.

At last,the all time quoted phrase is “We serve everyone who want to learn but we focus on the needy learners”!