Saieduhouse focuses on growing to be a canopy housing all kinds of learning for every kind of learner. Beginning from school going children to the elders of the society , we try to bring in one’s interest to an accessible course. So, all we work towards is making our organization a learning hub.

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We handle classes both offline and online. We conduct our online sessions with Skillrary . The platform allows users to revisit the content even after the learning window period. This includes the recorded version of the class and the materials shared with the students.

While the offline sessions , i.e classroom program happens at our official address mentioned in the footer.


For all inquiries, we listen to the aspirant , we figure out what is known and unknown to them. Following that, we prepare the learning itinerary and customize the modules and plan the progress. We don’t believe in generalizing courses since all our visitors are not the same.

Also,this learning hub embraces learning for all and not just earning for us. As a part of this we slash our rates as much as we can for the needy learners.

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Rich result on google's SERP on searching for 'Learning hub'